As we find information, resources, websites, etc. worthy of being called an update, they will appear in this section.

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"As a general rule, the most successful people in life are those who have the best information."  Disraeli

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While you are here, take a moment and subscribe to Senior Moment our twice a month newsletter. page 2 of the Update section. As we find information worthy enough to be called a Senior 2 Senior update, it will appear in this secion. It, of course, must be relevant to senior citizens and senior caregivers. By the way, our resources pages have some great information too.

11) Assess your disease risk with the help of Harvard University


12) U.S. Government Benefits, Grants and Financial Aid


13) 3 disaster preparedness sites:


     a) Red Cross portal page for specific disaster type situation


     b) A step-by-step approach to disaster preparedness (21MB if downloaded)


     c)  Red Cross and other community-based organizations webiste


14) Look up doctor's, their credentials and complaints filed against them

15) 2 excellent Alternative Medicine resources

The American College for Advancement in Medicine -

The American Association of Naturopathic Physicians -

16) An ebook titled: Your Guide To Lowering Blood Pressure (right click to download)



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