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 the Update page. As we find information worthy enough to be called a Senior 2 Senior update, it will appear on this page. It, of course, must be relevant to senior citizens and senior caregivers.

1) Two arenas senior citizens overlook are the local university and local hospital. Granted not all universities offer a law degree and not all hospitals are teaching hospitals. However, you may be one of the lucky people who lives within driving distance of one or both of these institutions.

If you one or both of these facilities exist in your area, they most likely offer free services, clinics and/or advice. Use them.

2) Senior citizens, whether renting or owning their dwelling, are eligible for property tax relief. Type in: "senior citizen property tax assistance" (without the quote marks) as your search words in and see what information you can find for your home state.

3) If you want a list of low or no cost primary health care service providers in your area, visit:

4) 1-800-633-4227 gets senior citizens a free copy of the Medicare Handbook. Senior citizens can also visit:

to request a copy.

5) Scam exposť websites (not just for senior citizens):


6) Shop online for senior citizen related items and receive a rebate:


7) If you own U.S. government bonds, notes or Treasuries, get the complete low down at:



8)  How Social Security Works (very informational but includes advertisements)


9) 3 page U.S. government Fact Sheet on Home Health Care




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