Testimonials say a lot about a site. The ones on this page are appreciated and unsolicited like all of those in our files.


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I have a file full of praises and nice words but I didn't want to seem like I was blowing my horn so I only put three on this page. Conventional marketing wisdom says to jam pack your message with testimonials.

I say to heck with that thought theology. Whether I have 3 or thirty, the message is the same:

People like what we say and what we produce.

If you are of similar mind, please tell your friends about us so we can grow and serve a wider and more diversified audience. It is not our intent to seem, or be, pretentious so we don't overload this page with testimonials. But, we do save all we receive from our subscribers in the event we decide to rethink our position.

In any event, we thank everyone who took the time to write us and express their feelings. It is good to know people trust us enough to use us as one of their main resources.


"I really appreciate this site. It's something we needed. Now lets let folks know about it." 

"This is a very nice site, I am glad I stopped on in :)"

"Thank you for making this info available. It's well done!"


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