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A site-map is exactly that, a map of the site. I know you didn't need me to tell you but, hey, if I don't put something here, you'll think I forgot about this part of the page. <grin>


"The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another." William James




 the Senior 2 Senior site map. Senior citizens using this page immediately are aware of the pages comprising this website.

Our home page tells you about our site. No surprise there, right?

The Resource pages isn't the only page with resources. We try to put them throughout the site but there are so many, we need a special section. Hence, the resource pages.

Because we like puzzles and believe you might like to try your hand at one we call the Caregiver puzzle, we put it here. We could have put it anywhere, but we didn't.

A fantastic program (LifeLedger™) keeping you on top of your caregiver responsibilities is located on this page. The reason it is on our site is because it is the best of its kind and provides for top notch caregiver oversight whether you live next door or on another continent.

Manual is the page with information about the free Caregiver manual. Check it out!

I'm told everybody loves a joke. We have more than one so go and tickle your fancy.

Just click on privacy policy and guess what you will read...

We even some history to this site.

Should you wish to contact us, simply click on this link.

Published articles are posted on this page.

39 states provide prescription and pharmacy assistance programs. Click here to see if your state is one of them.

Your life expectancy rate is only a click away. But, maybe, you don't want to know how many years you have left...

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An article challenging microwaving food is only a click away.

Lunch with God may just give you a whole new perspective.

Our Senior Pride ribbon is yours if you click on: car magnet.

My picture and a few words about me are only a click away.

We have added a prayer circle for those of the mind to ask for help.

An update page replaces emailing you this information.

Senior Moment© has an archive page.

Visit our "Present" page.

Learn about Reverse Mortgages on this page.

See what people have said about us by clicking here.

Take a look at our 32 pound house cat.

A great story - The Brick

How to recognize a stroke - This may save your life.

Are you a Senior Moment© subscriber and want to place an ad? Click here.

How to locate doctor's credentials and complaints against them are on this page.

Short Takes are mini pieces of information on a specific topic. Besides the two we give away, nine more can be found on this page.

Solve this math problem and win a Proud 2 B A Senior© car magnet.

This page will always have free reports on important topics.

See if you can pass the right foot test.

Over the counter drugs are now being regualted at a rapid pace. This article explains the inherent dangers underlying the "why" of the regualtion.

We have a LINKS page with all sorts of interesting products and services.

Health and credit resources is the title of this page.

Look at our NEWS page.

Senior citizens and senior caregivers are our focus so the resources are primarily for, well, senior citizens and caregivers. DUH!

As we add pages, you will be able to find them here. After all, this is our site-map page. <g> 








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