Short takes are immediately useable information crammed into a small space/time frame overviewing a specific topic.

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Short takes are immediately useable information crammed into a small space/time frame. For example, in film, the “movie” may be only three minutes long and still pack a powerful punch. The subject can be anything.


In publications such as newsletters, ebooks and magazines, up to one page is a short take. As you will see in the Short Takes on these pages, each topic is presented in short take format.


This gives you enough information to kick start the thinking part of your brain. Of course all the books are free.


It is up to you to take it from there, if you so desire.


That in a nutshell is a short take.



Note: Downloading a topic is easy. Simply right click on the link and select "Save Target As" in the open window. I initially save all downloads to my desktop. After I read it, I then save it to my external hard drive. That way if my computer crashes, I still have the downloaded material. Everything here is free.





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