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If you find a broken link or a resource is no longer on the Internet, please tell us what you found. We will do what we can on our end to fix it. Thank you in advance for your help.  

And, you can always contact us (contact us button on left) and tell us about resources that have worked for, or helped, you in some way. We like success stories and are only too willing to tell the world.

Resources under specific categories

General  Senior Sites: (American Association of Retired Persons) (Administration on Aging) (Education and travel) (Information) (Health) (Kaiser Institute) (National Council on Aging) (National Institute on Aging) (Information) (US Gov web site) (Housing and info) (Social Security Administration) (Good Age Newspaper)

Assistive Technology/Adaptive Aids: (Technology tools)

Alzheimers (Alzheimer's Association) (Disease & referral) (Stages of dementia)

Caregiver Support: (Alzheimer caregiver) (Information on support and caregivers. Articles on caregiving. Solutions for better aging. A resource person to contact with questions)  (Dementia caregivers) (Adm. on Aging) (Family Caregiver Alliance-Family Caregiver Alliance offers updates on diseases, online support groups, excellent articles, and an opportunity to ask questions of leaders in the field of caregiving.) (National alliance for caregiving) (Information on the stages of caregiving. Managing stress. Solutions to caregiving situations). (monthly newsletter and national website dedicated to addressing the information, resource and community needs of family caregivers to the elderly) (National Family Caregivers)

Computer Training for Older Adults:

Consumer Protection:  (Current product recalls or unsafe products ) (Food and Drug) (Federal Trade commission)

Disability:  (Social Security Administration)

Employment:  (Formerly Green Thumb)

Financial: (Saving education)

Grief:  (magazine)


Hospice:  (Allina) (For patients and familes)  

Housing:  (Info. about reverse mortgages)

Long-Term Care:  (Consumer Coalition) (Assisted Living) (Assisted Living) (Health Ins. Plans)

Medicare: (Official US site)

Nursing Homes: (Nursing Home compare)

Parkinson:  (American Parkinson) (National site)  (Teva Neuroscience, Inc and Eisali Inc. to help people with PD)

Prescription Drugs: (RX Connect Program) A clearing house where anyone can enter a medicine in a search and it will direct you to the correct program, often including a PDF of the actual application for printing off.  You do not need to be a nurse or MD to help a person apply, although the applications generally do require the MD signature for the prescription purposes.  Hope this proves to be helpful! (New Medicare Drug Card)

Reverse Mortgages:

Savings Bonds, Public Debt and T-Bill Information (U.S. Government ony)

Senior Rights/Law:  (US Labor)  (National Senior Citizen Law)

Veterans: (Department of Veterans Affairs)  (Veterans Benefits)


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