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Making Life Better For The Elderly is a must have program: LIFE

The U.S. Administration on Aging is an excellent site. Go to:

Great glossary of care and medical terms:

Consumer watchdog info:

Consumer Action Handbook (about 170 pgs of super infomation and its free.) 1-888-878-3256

If you live in Chicago:
Tel: 312-633-9005   E-Mail:
Chicagoland Caregivers assists seniors to remain independent in their homes by providing professionally managed Care Supervisors and Caregivers. Serving the city of Chicago and nearby suburbs, Chicagoland Caregivers first meets with potential clients to conduct a Client Assessment Interview to determine the care needs. Licensed, insured and bonded. Call today for more information. the start of our resources section. It is an ever expanding section so visit often.

The agencies, organizations and what we call "helping hands" are on these pages because we believe they offer immediately useable information or products that actually do what their ads say they will do.

If you find a broken link or a resource is no longer on the Internet, please tell us what you found. We will do what we can on our end to fix it. Thank you in advance for your help.  

By the way, you can also contact us and tell us about resources that have worked for, or helped, you in some way. We don't pretend to have ALL the answers.

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American workers, on the average, earn $35000 a year so I thought it would be interesting, you know, one of those what the heck things, to compare what I make with what my Congressional rep makes. Here is what they make in salary, allowances and benefits:

and what they get by simply holding out their hand:

How do you stack up? That's what I thought I said with a grin.


A sidebar to pay, allowances, and political contributions can be found at:

This is the Citizens Against Government Waste page telling how Congress oversaw (read spent money) their fiduciary duty to the citizenry. If you are at all concerned about Medicare, Social Security and other worthy public policy programs, you are in for a surprise (at least I think you are).


Attention Seniors looking for a job... is the resource for job transitions after age 40.  It provides information about companies and other organizations, colleges, continuing education, franchises and relocation options.


Please note it is our intent to keep you informed of everything not only affecting your money but your health, welfare and overall quality of life. Money seems to be the fuel by which these programs function. If this is true, shouldn't the money be budgeted under strict guidelines?

Click the links below and start your resource road trip. It doesn't cost a dime and, in fact, may just put money in your pocket.

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