Some people believe the Lord works in mysterious ways. We think He works through prayer. Hence, our prayer page.



"Ask anything in my name and it shall be granted." Jesus


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to our prayer circle. This concept isn't unique to the Ministries as you may already know. Because the power behind this concept is so powerful we thought we would incorporate it into senior2senior.

Prayer is so powerful, it is even on American public television. Several long running shows not only discuss miracles and prayer but show events in which the only way the outcome could have happened or been achieved is through prayer.

The intent of this page isn't to prove this statement/theory/philosophy because we are convinced, beyond a shadow of a doubt, it works. Truth is, we know it first hand.

The intent of this page is to be a place where anyone can place a name (can be a pseudonym) and story so the Ministries and its subscribers can add them to their prayer list. Notice will be emailed to all subscribers when a new name is added.

After all, what difference does one more name on the list make when the Body hearing the prayers is all powerful. He is the source of all things big and small, weak and strong, heavy and light.

Joining the list is easy but we do ask one favor. Please go to:


and order 2 ribbons. Your total donation will be $10, which, when you think about it, is less than the cost of a small pizza.

Said another way, in my hometown, $10 feeds 5 seniors lunch at the County Senior Center. That puts $10 in perspective, right? On the surface it doesn't appear to be much, but by golly, used thoughtfully, it packs quite a wallop.

The proceeds, all 100% of them, are used to support senior programs (as jsut mentioned) and helps defray the cost of this website.

Unlike some televangelists (you probably know their names) who made the news with their high spending ways, we do not pocket a dime. We have no paid staff period. Any monies received are all shuttled out the door and into viable senior programs.

When you order the ribbons, we will receive notification from paypal of only your name and ship to address unless you include the name and story you want on this page in their comments box. (We ship the ribbons the next business day by the way.)

If you elect not to use their comments box, then email: with those details. Otherwise I will be clueless and you won't see anything on this page. Neither one of us wants that to happen, right?

Should you decide a donation is not amenable with your belief but still would like to place a name on this page, simply email: with the information and I will place it here. We do not want anyone left out for any reason especially money.

Every person in every country is eligible for placement on this page. No one should go without the benefit of prayer. Since we all are created in the image and likeness of God we all belong to Him and must be accorded equal footing and treatment.




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