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...to Senior2Senior.org's news page. It is our intent to keep you current on senior related news. Edlercare, health, consumer protection, resources, caregiver information are just some of the topics you'll read about.

Feb 17, 2007 - Assistant Secretary for Aging, Josefina G Carbonell, had some insightful comments to make about Congress passing the 16th reauthorization of the Older Americans Act (OAA). You can read them at:


Feb 18, 2007 - Medicare Rights - Not an easily understood area. But there is one group, the Medicare Rights Center, that says it is the largest independent source of health care information and assistance in the United States for people with Medicare. Go to:


and browse.
Feb 19, 2007 -
For the Grandparent Who Hasn't Heard

President Bush signed into law a tax bill that includes a break for families who want to save for children's college. The bill includes grandparents as well meaning if grandma or grandpa participates, the recipient has no special reporting requirements. Under the federal tax bill, Section 529 programs across the country become tax free when used for qualified higher education expenses. Section 529 refers to the section of the IRS code which addresses the plans and their tax treatment.

The new bill means you can invest in your state's education program and when your grandchild goes to college, he or she will not have to pay any taxes on the earnings in the account. Until the recent change, earnings on a 529 plan account were taxable as income at the student's rate when the money was used to pay for college.

This could literally mean no tax liability for the student. To learn the particulars for your state, call your Secretary of State and ask about its higher education funding program.
Feb 20, 2007 - A New Internet Library Opens

The Ive League, Inc. announces the opening of http://www.e-netlibrary.net a full service online library. "It is open to the public to download ebooks and programs of interest" Don Wever, E.D. said.

"It is our intention to make e-netlibrary.net the location of choice for consumers searching for books" Werve added. "It will be especially useful for the non-mobile senior citizen, caregivers, the disabled and people who no longer wish to fight the traffic and congestion to get to their local city library."

The Ive League has a standing invitation to everyone to drop by and visit and check out the book of their choice.
Feb 21, 2007 - State of Nevada Announces Senior Rebate Program

Seniors were alerted to filing for their property tax rebate. The forms are available to home owners and renters alike and can be picked up at their local county assessor's office.

Forms must be returned by June 30th at which time they will be processed with the rebate mailed out between September and October of this year.

Seniors are urged not to let this annual rebate pass them by.
Feb 22, 2007 - Free Health Advisories

The Washoe County Senior Citizen Center announces printed health advisories are available in their main lobby located at the corner of E. 9th and Sutro St. Seniors should also be aware of kiosks availabe at local Scolari's Markets and Rite-Aid Drugstores.

The kiosks are stand alone information centers. "All the senior has to do is pick up the phone and listen to the message of their choice," according to M. Bobba,  Senior Services Director.
Feb 23, 2007 - Senior Citizen Lunch Program

The Washoe County Senior Services Agency advises seniors to watch for a possible change in the daily lunch program. Per an agency spokesperson, "the hours may change. We are currently looking at the total time frame by half hour segments to see when the most use occurs. If it is fairly even, the hours probably will stay as is. If the load is early, we may change to that bracket and if the load is late, we may move to that segment."

The study will continue for at least another month to get as accurate as possible data. Seniors are urged to watch the monthly calendar available at the front desk for the study's results and any action taken.
Feb 26, 2007 - Senior Outreach Ministries Announces Radio Show

When the Senior Moment© radio show abruptly left the air because of station mismanagement, Senior Outreach Ministries' Executive Director Tom Koziol said he would continue to search for a venue for the show's format. In an announcement made this morning, Koziol said, "I have found a two hour spot on 99.1 FM Talk radio in Carson City and will broadcast a newly formatted version of the Senior Moment© show."

The new show will be called Let's Talk About It and expand the issues discussed. It will remain a call in show and run from 3 to 5 p.m. every Sunday. Koziol said, "I wanted to include a broader audience so they would be aware of senior issues, senior caregiver needs and baby boomer issues. This area's fastest growing population are seniors and they need a show to cater to their agenda."

Koziol went on to say he believes Let's Talk About It is that show and he looks forward to interacting with a huge Northern Nevada audience.
Feb 27, 2007 - Nevada Legislator Proposes Changes to Aged Care Facilities

Assemblyman James Settelmeyer (R) put a Bill Draft Request (BDR) into the Nevada legislature to better improce care for children, the aged and infirmed persons. Settelmeyer said, "We need more oversight of the facilities caring for children, the aged and infirmed persons. My bill will not add another layer of bureaucracy but rather will make the current structure more responsive."

Nevada is one of the fastest growing states in the Union with its aged population increasing at a greater percentage. Care facilities have sometimes not received the number of visits mandated by law nor been inspected for two or more years.

Settelmeyer stated "he thought that was atrocious and wanted the State's Social Service agencies to be more responsive."

No date has been set to consider the request at this time. The legislature is scheduled to be in session until June of this year which gives the committees enough time to look at his request.
Feb 28, 2007 - Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Group Says VA Falls Short

The Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans Group (IAVA) has publicly stated the Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) has not met its burden of providing mental health help to returning veterans. They went a step further and said the VA has even slighted female veterans.

Paul Rieckhoff, Executive Director of IAVA said "the demand for mental health care is high but the money allocated for that need has been spent elsewhere by the VA." He said the problem gets more compounded because in some cases the medical centers were not instructed to spend the allocated funds.

Reno, NV is one of the centers serving an ever growing number of returning veterans. While the local director had no specific comments, it is speculated by some veterans using the Center that it is one of those centers that did not receive instruction to spend their funds.

Rieckhoff is out on the stump urging every member of Congress, all media outlets and citizens to do their own investigation and get on the band wagon to hold those responsible accountable for giving the veterans the necessary care.

IAVA promises to keep the heat on and make all of their findings public.
March 1, 2007 - Tom Koziol Hosts Let's Talk About It

A new radio show for the tri-county area, Let's Talk About It, airs this Sunday, March 4, 2007 on 99.1 FM Talk out of Carson City, Nevada. Host, Tom Koziol, says, "the show is 2 hours with talk the first hour and a special guest in hour two. We will try to feature a local prominent figure or a person with a national reputation."

The show is not limited to one point of view and welcomes listener participation no matter the opinion. "I like to think I am an open minded person who will listen to almost any point expressed by the callers," Koziol said.

The show will run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. "Put on your listening cap, take notes and Let's Talk About It," Koziol said.
March 2, 2007 - Seniors Are On The Legislative Agenda In Nevada

Senior citizens 62 and over will see the requirements for property tax refunds lowered when the AB 89 passes. Lowered in this case means the income limits are higher, the appraised value is higher and the personal assets are higher.

Tom Koziol, Executive Secretary for Senior Outreach Ministries, noticed members to the fact the raising of the limits means a better deal for seniors. "Now they can earn more, participate in the area's real estate appreciation, as well as personal asset appreciation and still be eligible for a refund on their property taxes of up to $500.00. This is an excellent bill and the legislature should be commended for finally looking after Nevada's seniors," Koziol went on to say.

Assemblyman James Settelmeyer who is one of the bill's sponsors told Koziol that he is only to proud to be a sponsor of the bill and sees no reason why it won't pass. He also believes the legislature may look at indexing the amounts to inflation and make it an automatic raise in limits.

Koziol will be watching the bill and its provisions to be able to report to the members its exact status and wording. "Let's hope it doesn't get derailed at the last minute," Koziol remarked.
Mar 17, 2007 - Happy St. Patrick's Day

Senior Outreach Ministries has started publishing a newsletter for seniors interested in home business opportunities. Called Home BIZ NL the first issue will debut on April 1, 2007.

"It will contain honest home working businesses and easy to do programs so seniors will not only make some money but can do it from the comfort of their home," Tom Koziol Executive Director said.

Anyone wishing to subscribe should go to: http://www.senior2senior.org/homebiznl.html






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