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Everybody likes a challenge, right? This math problem will not only test your reading ability but your deduction skills as well.

Three salesmen had arrived at the same time at the only motel in town with a vacancy. The motel had only one room vacant but the men, all road weary from driving long distances, decided to share the room and split the cost.

"How much for the room?" they asked.

"Thirty dollars" replied the clerk. (I know what you are thinking - $30 for a room, give me a break - think of it as a small room in a small town. <g>)

Each salesman handed the clerk $10 (3 X $10 = $30) and they went to the room.

After the men left the lobby, the clerk rechecked the room rate and discovered it was only $25 and not the $30 she had charged the men.

Not knowing how to divide the $5 overcharge, she decided to give each man $1 and pocket the remaining $2 ( 3 x $1 = $3 + $2 = $5).

Each guest had now paid $9 ( $10 - $1 =$9) for the room making the total paid $27 (3 x $9 = $27). The clerk had pocketed $2 bringing the total to $29 ($27 +$2 = $29) leaving $1 unaccounted for ($30 - $29 = $1).

Those are the circumstances. The problem lies in the unaccounted for $1. Where did it go?

There is one, and only one, answer to this math problem. To help you solve it, here are some hints.

1. The $1 was not charged as any sort of tax

2. The clerk pocketed $2 and not $3

3. The men received $1 each and not $1.33

4. The $1 was not spent in the vending machine or at the bar

5. She was the only clerk on duty when the men arrived

6. She did not lose the $1

7. She did not give the $1 to a friend or anyone else

8. This problem is not about how much each man paid

9. The dollar was not put back into the register


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