LifeLedger™ is an instant access information program keeping care givers in the forefront of their care receiver's daily regimen.


Today three out of four people are living beyond age 65. This is both a blessing and a challenge.

A blessing because we are living longer. A challenge because living longer increases the chance for needing care.

Adult children ages 40 to 50 will spend more years taking care of parents than they do (did) take care of their own children.

This situation requires a system to ease the myriad of details associated with this process called care giving.

Such a system is only a click away and it is on this page. Click the link marked FREE Trial and the information there waiting for you. 

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Hope For The Best. Plan For The Worst. LifeLedger Online Services.

Everyday life can be challenging. You don't have to be ill or disabled to understand this fact of life.

However, if you are a caregiver, you are only too aware of the challenges and burdens associated with the caregiving responsibilities.

Caregiving can seem not only time consuming and stressful, but overwhelming.

Overwhelming because of all the demands.

Medical, legal, financial and a myriad of other details seem to require your time and attention all at the same moment. Not only require, but demand, you do it immediately.

You know you need help and you know you want it now but you don't know where to turn.

Fortunately, there's LifeLedger™, an online sytem that organizes this information in one convenient location. A system only a mouse click away and accessible to doctors, other medical providers and, in fact, to anyone to whom you grant access.

You remain in control of who sees what and when they see it. You, after all, are the primary care giver.

Clcik on the above link marked FREE Trial to learn more.

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