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Unsolicited Commercial Bulk Fax (UCBF) a.k.a. Junk faxes

The precursor to spam - in the old days - was junk faxes. It became such a problem Congress actually passed a law against junk faxes and put teeth into the law so consumers could get remedy. I had become a victim to junk faxes so I decided to fight back. This report lays out everything I did against one particular slime puppy.

Simply right click the above link and select "save target as" and download it to the file of your choice. Believe me, if you want to stop Unsolicited Commercial Bulk Fax (UCBF) from using up your fax resources, my actions are your template.


Debt Validation - Myth, Mystery or Mind Trap

Debt validation has been touted as the silver bullet in making debt collectors go away. Sometimes this is true. Most of the time it isn't. I don't know if I have correctly reasoned out why it isn't true but I do present my theory in the ebook at this link:

Like all of the reports on this page, it is free. If after reading it, you have a comment, critique or criticism use the email address on the last page and mail it/them to me.




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