If you do not like seeing your money going up in smoke, you are on the right page. Delinquent debts have a way of burning your money and increasing your stress and anxiety levels. Sometimes you can't even sleep at night.

Debt collectors know this and try to feed on it at your expense. They call you at all hours of the day and night and say some of the nastiest things to you and, some, even make threats. If that sounds like you or your situation you are on the right page.

I wrote a book to help you solve your delinquent debt problems. It is called How To Blow Away Debt Collectors. It shows you in easy to read language how to use federal and state laws to get the bill collectors off your behind, how to dispute your debts and how to clean up your credit history doing it the legal way.

I introduce the chapter covering those applicable laws with:

"This section will cover the federal laws
governing the 4 collection entities, explain
the consumer's rights and generally dispel
the mystique of the collection industry."

Hopefully you noticed the phrase, "dispel the mystique of the collection industry" because that's all it is - a myth they have grown in our heads to make us pay. In truth, they resemble the clothesless emperor.

If you use the methods in the book, it will take you between one and two years to get yourself straightened out. Anyone who tells you they can do it in 90 days, or less, is full of crap. The current credit system isn't built that way. The people who built it make a lot of money under the system's present construction and they fight tooth and nail to keep it all fouled up.

My book unfouls the sytem for you by giving you what I call unfouling tools. These tools are word for word from the present laws. Technically they are called procedures. You see, procedures are your best friend especailly if the other side tries to take you to court.

I do not advocate you go to court. Not at all. I advocate you prepare yourself in case the other side takes you to court. If you follow the procedures in my book, you'll never go to court because the other side will settle with you before the court date.

That is extremely powerful all by itself but like I said above, I also give you the weapons to get the bill collectors to stop calling you at home and work, dispute the debts they say you owe and clean up your credit at the same time.

By disputing your debts, by the way, you just might save yourself a bunch of money. The how to is all in the book. Potentially, you could save up to 70% of what you owe. This means if you owe $1,000.00 you'd only pay $300.00. The $700.00 difference would stay in your pocket. In other words, you saved yourself $700.00. Sweet, isn't it?

OK, we both know you are here to get some relief from the blood hounds chasing you and we both know you want information that will work. I know it'll work because I've used what's in the book with two of my son's credit files. To say the boys let their credit go to hell in a hand basket would be an understatement.

We also both know you want to know how much I'm asking for the book. Believe it or not, I am asking only $17.00 (at the moment). I intend to raise the price but haven't decided when.

I'm actually torn between getting this information out to the public and making a pile of cash. In fact, if the response to a book with this much information and selling for only $17.00 is poor, I will raise the price to $97.00. That way it will have more perceived value. It'll be the same book with the same information but cost more.

One more point - even if I raise the price to $97.00 you'll still get the updates as I write them as long as you stay on the mailing list. If you opt out of receiving emails from me, you will also be opting out of receiving the updates. The updates will always be free to subscribers.

I have a 30 day refund policy. If you don't find the information in this ebook valuable, let me know and I'll refund your $17. It is that simple.

A very special note: If your situation is desparate and you need an attorney to take over your case, write me for the name, address and phone number of the best lawyer in the United States in this arena. He will review your case for free. That, my friend, is an unbeatable bonus given lawyers charge up to $250 an hour for their time. He will take as many hours as needed to review your case and you will NOT be charged one thin dime.

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