A few words about yours truly. For a guy who rarely imbibes, all of my pictures come out as if I just came off a 3 week drunk. Sigh!



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A bit of wisdom: All truth passes through three stages:

1. Ridicule

2. Violent opposition

3. Universally accepted as self-evident.

It is my humble opinion, this site has the truth.





         I don't know how many pictures we took (my wife doing the shooting) but in all of them my face had the same, or worse, expression. Photogenic I am not. All around nice guy :-) for sure but photogenic, unhunh...

My name is Tom Koziol. I am the Executive Secretary for Senior Outreach Ministries, the owner of this website. I have a B.A. in journalism, am a retired U.S. Air Force officer and a fellow willing to help others achieve their goals.

The reason I even consented to having my mug on this page is to show people that if a guy who looks like me can be an achiever, anybody with minimum drive and desire can do great things. -:)

I didn't realize it at the time, but the nuns who taught me in grades K-8 gave me a blessing lasting a lifetime. They taught me how to think for myself. Mind you, I didn't say what to think, I said how to think.

To me, this is the greatest asset/blessing anyone can possess. If you can think, you can maintain control of yourself and your situation. Ponder that for a minute and see what you think.<g>

It is not my intent to blather on about my brilliance or anything else about me. Rather, I want you to know if you joined a program based on my recommendation or relied on my word, I stand behind it.

I'm only an email, or phone call, 1-775-354-9526, away.

What else needs to be said, right?




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